JavaScript Gig Finder

This week the guys at Songkick gave me access to their API. I had some spare time today to get to know it better and generally mess around with it.

I decided that what I

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JavaScript W3C Unicorn Bookmarklet

I use the W3C Unicorn Validator for almost all my markup validation needs. However every time I need to validate something I almost always end up googling "W3C Unicorn". Which I admit is still pretty

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I love JavaScript, SVG and So why not mix them all together to make a funky looking pie chart? Well I've done just that.

Take a look:

You can

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Paul Irish: 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

It’s jQuery on the big screen. We’ll open the jQuery source and run through how the jQuery object works, covering self-executing anonymous functions as a global abatement technique, several interesting jQuery methods, internal

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