Set default brightness on Ubuntu

I use a Thinkpad laptop with Linux installed for most of my work these days. However, with Ubuntu 14.04, the brightness always resets to maximum when I restart. This gets annoying, especially if you boot your laptop up in a dark room.

The easiest way I found to set my brightness was to use the xbacklight package:

sudo apt-get install xbacklight

Now you can set the brightness easily to a certain percentage via the command line: xbacklight -set 50

To set the brightness automatically when I log in I use “Startup Applications” like so:

  • Hit the super key and search for “startup” and open the “Startup Applications” app. Once opened, add a new item:

  • Name: Set Brightness

  • Command: xbacklight -set 50

  • Comment: xbacklight

You can obviously add whatever you want in the Name and Comment fields. Then you should be good to go.

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