Find process by port number

My tmux session crashed, including a local server instance I was running. Now when I try to restart the server I get an error saying it's still running? How do I kill it?

You probably

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User Interface Algorithms

Even something as simple as a dropdown menu or a bar graph can introduce usability problems. From a slide out menu disappearing when a user's mouse moves a few pixels too far, to requiring NASA-like

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Enabling Source Maps in Chrome

Update: Google have now compiled a solid walkthrough that can be see here: Debugging JavaScript - Source Maps

I've seen a couple of posts about enabling source map support, but never actually got it up

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How to enable the Safari Debug Menu

This past month I've encountered a few people that didn't know about the Debug menu that is available in Safari. Granted, for most engineers it won't be of any use, but for some it will

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Javascript Development Workflow of 2013

The past two years have given us a wealth of tools and editor innovation that makes developing web apps more fun and certainly more productive. Learn what a modern development workflow looks like, from editors

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Web Developers' Guide to Web Intents in Chrome

Last year Google proposed the Web Intents API to help web applications integrate with one another with minimal effort. They have now enabled an experimental version of the API in the most recent stable version

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