JavaScript W3C Unicorn Bookmarklet

I use the W3C Unicorn Validator for almost all my markup validation needs. However every time I need to validate something I almost always end up googling “W3C Unicorn”. Which I admit is still pretty fast, but I wanted to cut as much faff out of that process as possible.

So today (as in just this minute), I made a JavaScript bookmarklet that will help me trim the fat as it were.

I’m not entirely sure if their are a million of these already online, but a quick Google search didn’t bring anything up (and that was a good enough reason for me).

Anyway, drag the following link into your bookmark toolbar to use it* :

[Unicorn Validation](javascript:(function(){var%20s%20=%20document.createElement()

Happy validating!

  • If your not sure how to add a bookmarklet to your toolbar then watch this

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