Haiti Earthquake PayPal Donations

Today, like many others I have been following the terrible aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. After listening to a particularly hard hitting Radio 4 broadcast and learning that a massive array of charities around the world needed donations and support to help provide relief to Haiti, I hunted down the fastest way to make a donation.

Being halfway through the daily commute to work I didn’t have my wallet on me, so I found it incredibly difficult to find a charity online that excepted donations for Haiti relief support via PayPal (PayPal have all my details stored online).

In the end I found only one charity that excepted donations via PayPal. This was the charity Save The Children.

You can make a donation (via PayPal) by visiting the following link: http://www.savethechildren.org/get-involved/fundraising-challenges/alt-ways-to-give-earthquake-wpg-haiti-0110.html

My concern is that there doesn’t seem to be enough fast and simple methods to make a donation to Haiti Support Relief. I remember when the Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles and his team climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. They gave out a 4 digit number that people could text on your mobile phone to make a donation! Now surely thats the fastest and most simple way for people to make a donation.

You would think that someone would have set this up by now and that charities would maximise the total payment methods that you can use to make a donation!

UPDATE: Since writing this, numerous donation methods have been found. So if you have some time and some spare cash. Head over to Mashable for a break down of them all.

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