Coda Books Collection

You will no-doubt already know that Coda, the one-window web development application for MAC, has a unique feature called “Books”. This allows you to add reference books of your choice, that you can use to help you out when you forget that all important class or function.

Code Books

After a while of searching around the web for all the reference books I could get my hands on, I managed to accumulate 16 reference books. I’m not saying that these are the only ones available, I’m just saying that these particular ones are of great help to me on a day to day basis.

Current list:

  1. HTML (Standard)
  2. CSS (Standard)
  3. Javascript (Standard)
  4. PHP
  5. Apache HTTP
  6. Cake PHP
  7. CodeIgnitor
  8. ColdFusion
  9. Drupal
  10. Expression Engine
  11. HTML Dog (XHTML & CSS)
  12. jQuery
  13. Ruby on Rails
  14. Sitepoint CSS
  15. Sitepoint XHTML
  16. Wordpress

Not sure how to install them?

Please quit Coda before installing these books.

  • Download to your desktop and double click it
  • You will now have a “Books” folder on your desktop also.
  • All the contents of the “Books” folder needs to be dropped into your Coda Books folder. You can find this folder by going to:
    User -> Library -> Application Support -> Coda - > Books
  • Change “User” for your own login or home folder. See the image below for more info.
  • Once you have moved all the sub-folders over to your Coda Books folder. Just re-launch Coda and click “Books”.

If you have any problems or if you think I’ve missed a really helpful book then please let me know and I’ll take a look.

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